Curb the Clutter
Sort. Purge. Organized.

Professional Organizer

Margie Lehnen-Holtz
Professional Organizer

Decrease clutter
Make efficient use of your space
Learn to stay focused on the task
Enjoy more free time
Imagine a clutter free space! 


   A collection of things lying about in an untidy mass


"Margie's work is superb.  She has changed my business life completely.  
Organized, on the money, friendly, a real ally.  She finds out what's needed and goes right to the heart of the problem.  
If you need to get your financial life together, she's the logistic you need."
Rob N. - Berkeley

"For years, I have tried to organize the paperwork and reduce the clutter in my office with little success.  Margie came with many ideas and solutions that continue to work.  We set up systems, reduced the clutter and organized everything down to the paperclips!  

My office now works like a well oiled machine.  I really appreciated Margie's patience, professionalism, honesty and integrity helping me create an efficient and lovely office space.  I love working in my office has great ju ju.  She's wonderful!  Thank you again!"
Enricka G. - Pt. Richmond


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